Saturday, April 9, 2016

What Season of Parenting Are You In?

Let's face it parenting is hard work and I really don't have that much experience in the department, 2 years and 4 four months to be exact, so definitely not an expert. However, I wanted to share a sermon from Elin's baby dedication that has resonated in our hearts. Some of you out there reading this are believers and will have no problem hitting the play button while others of you maybe thinking, a sermon, come on! I promise believer or non-believer, parent or not (it takes a village) the advice in this sermon is the best I have ever received. Especially for those of you in the same boat as the Mr. and I, well really anyone who has kids in their lives. There are four seasons to parenting and each season comes with its own challenges. While we all want to be our children's best friend that season doesn't come until the end, you may have a three-nager or teenager this sermon hits home no matter what age. It will remind some of you to stand strong you are doing the right thing, or help some of you realize what role your child needs you to play at this time. I know I am constantly telling the Mr. I feel like I play bad cop 24/7 and sometimes I feel so guilty about it, but then I remember what season I am in and I am doing exactly what our children need me to do. So for everyone out there reading this I promise this video won't be a let down (its about 30 minutes). Just hit play, you won't be sad! 

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