Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sometimes You Just Have to Step Out of the Boat

I know it has been a while since my last post. Some of you maybe wondering where we have been and what we have been up to? Trust me I have lots of post about all of our travels and adventures, and hopefully I can get back in the groove of blogging soon (it maybe a couple of week though). However, today's post is to share some exciting news with our followers who are following our journey through life. 

Yep its true, no lie! We are moving AGAIN, to Brooklyn, NY! I am sure many of you are sitting here reading this post and thinking WHAT? They just moved! Don't worry, that was our initial reaction when God first opened this door for us. We seriously laughed and thought God was being a bit of a comedian. Our lives have turned into the State Farm commercial. We were never moving Northeast, we were never moving to NYC (we get it, never say never). Well the big man begs to differ and we are trusting him to make the decisions in our life. 

This journey of our's reminds me a lot of one my favorite bible stories. The story of when Jesus called Peter to stepped out of the boat and walked on water towards him. Just like Peter's story we have stepped out of the boat, well actually we have practically jumped out of the boat and are excited to see what happens next. When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we agreed to go where he sent us and step out of the boat in his name. Now I can tell you we are like Peter, when the wind blows (AKA, something goes weary in the logistics of this move) we began to doubt this move, our faith is like a roller coaster. Just like Jesus did for Peter, he always reaches out his hand to save us and we are learning now more than ever how to have faith, faith that he is in control, and that he has a great plan for us. 

To sum all of this up for you guys whose heads are still spinning. The Mr. has accepted a new job with Etsy. If you haven't heard of this company before it is a company where people who love to make handmade goods can sell their handmade goods and people who love handmade goods can purchase items. The Mr. is going to be crafting all day (well actually he is going to be working in the Etsy compliance office protecting the buyers and sellers of the Etsy community) but lets get real when you say you work for Etsy people are going to think you make crafts all day. For those of you who know the Mr. can you picture him as a crafter? Totally, right? This is a new and exciting adventure. Etsy is upcoming and the Mr. is excited to work for something groundbreaking and fresh. 

So here are several answers to questions that we are being asked by those we have already shared the news with. Yes, we did just move to Connecticut 9 short months ago (please note though that the Mr. has been in his job for well over 18 months, they let us live in KY until Baylor was born). No, we were not looking to move or for a new job, ESPECIALLY not in New York (this job seriously just fell on the Mr.'s desk and we honestly didn't think anything would come from submitting his resume). No, we don't know if this will be our forever home but we are excited to find out. No, we are not moving to the suburbs we are taking full advantage of everything the city has to offer (public transit, walkable neighborhoods, tiny space for a lot of money). No, we have not found a place to live but we move in 30 days (stressed is an understatement, its a dog eat dog world in NYC when it comes to apartment hunting, thats an entire blog post in itself). The cool thing about being in the millennial generation is that it is pretty common practice to move around in your career to work your way up. I couldn't be more proud or honored to be apart of the Mr.'s career journey. He has truly blown me away and clearly is blowing away the people in the compliance world (sorry I have to brag about him, because he is pretty awesome, I am sure many of you will agree). 

Moving to New York with two small kids, and no grandparents is going to be hard work but we are up for the challenge. I feel like God led us to Connecticut in order to prepare our minds and hearts for this next chapter in our lives, living in New York City. Had he called us to New York while we were living in Kentucky we would have thought he was crazy and may have ignored his request, but since we were already living in the Northeast we thought why not, why not take a leap of faith and live in the big city.  

We prayed and prayed for several weeks about this opportunity, along with our parents. We prayed for guidance, we prayed for a clear mind to hear the Lord, we prayed for comfort, we prayed for trust, we prayed for patience. Every time we prayed God seemed to point us to Brooklyn, it was like he was closing doors that had once been open and essentially pushing us through the door with Brooklyn written on it. 

We are so excited to see how God uses us in Brooklyn. Visitors are WELCOME! Stay tuned for the exciting and crazy life of the Logan family and their adventures!