Tuesday, March 15, 2016

If you Send It, I will Save It

I love getting mail, other than bills. Its probably one of my favorite things. Christmas is by far the best time of year, for numerous reasons, but definitely in the mail department. I smile every time I open up an adorable Christmas card, especially those with a cute face or pet looking back at me. 

Photo cards are awesome, not to say that a regular card isn't but there is something about a photo card that makes you smile. I try to always send a photo card, mainly because I'm slightly obsessed with my kids, but also because I know people enjoy getting them.

 Watch Tory and Mal's family grow! (2009)

Photo cards are expensive to purchase (so head over to NOLA Lou Lou where I can design one and you can print it) and most of the time they just end up in the garbage. I get it there is only so much room on your fridge, Christmas has past, babies have grown, but I just hate throwing them away.

Or better yet, watch my sweet nephew Jude grow (2010 his first Christmas Card)


Not only did they cost someone money, but they are adorable. Hence my blog post today. I want to share with you what I have done with my picture cards, and some normal cards that were to hard to throw away. My mom and Aunt Mimi gave me the idea (not sure if they still keep up with their's or not) and I have been diligent in keeping all of those precious cards since The Logan family was officially established in 2009.


When the Mr. and I got married at our first Christmas I purchased a photo album, probably from Hobby Lobby. The album has those old school sticky pages that you have to peel the film back to place the photo in it, you know what I am talking about right? 


2012 Little Jude became a Big Brother welcome Layla Bell

I decided I would keep all the Christmas photo cards sent to me. I marked the first page 2009 and began placing the cards in the album. It started out with just Christmas cards, but then a friend got engaged and sent a photo Save the Date, well I'll keep that of course. Each year I marked the next blank page or spot with the year and then placed all the pictures from that year behind it. 
2013 Mal and Tory had a new addition, welcome Van

Along the way more people got married, then began having babies and birth announcements were sent, kids started having birthday parties and their invite includes their precious photo, you just can't trash these things. The album has turned into more than just Christmas cards thats for sure. It has turned into a great memory book where I have been able to watch families grow and change over the years. It has also been a great source for prayer. Each time I open this book or see it on the shelf I am reminded to pray for each one of those people that covers its pages. Pray for their health, well-being, and over all spirit. Pray that God is using them in whatever way he deems necessary. Pray that each one of them knows their heavenly father and one day when we all reach heaven I will see their face for all of eternity. 


Now so far I have managed to buy one refill of pages for my book and it is still in tack. However, as I was recently adding a save the date for 2016 to the book I noticed that it was rather full and I would need to purchase the next volume.  


Don't worry though Volume 1 will remain on the self and I will continue to pray special prayers for each person whose face is found in this book. Just remember if you send it chances are I am saving it and praying for you!

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