Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Baby Book

Elin turned two on December 28th and last week I ordered her baby book, talk about a slight delay. When I was pregnant with Elin I found a great site to make your own book. I have been working on this book since she was 3 months old, but with the move, the pregnancy, and all of life's craziness it just never got complete. 

Last week Blurb was having a good sell. Elin's baby book is over 120 pages, has a hard over, and is my own design. You would think something like this would cost a small fortune. However, it was only $56.00 including shipping. Now that's a deal. Typically if there isn't a promotion going on the books cost anywhere between $75 and $90 for a book the size of Elin's. If you wait a couple of weeks though they always run 15-30% off at some point. At Christmas you may even get lucky and get 40% off, but that's about the only time I have ever seen it that high. 

I have already started on Baylor's and am hoping it doesn't take me two years to complete his and get it printed. I debated with the Mr. on doing a book a year for both of them, but decided I would probably get behind and at 18 do they really want me to hand them 18 books? I am opting to start just a Logan Family book (I already have several books with pictures I have printed over the years) and just print the book for the Logan family every so often. I am probably the only one who will appreciate all the kids first moments in the end anyways. I have also decided instead of keeping boxes upon boxes of the things they do at Story Time,School,etc., I'm going to snap a picture of it and put it in the books. Moving has taught me that less is definitely more, but I still want to cherish the memories. Plus again, the kids won't want me handing them a box of their hand turkey's at age 18. Let's get real only a mom will cherish those forever. 

Printing pictures and putting them in albums has gotten old and expensive. I still print off some of those irresistible smiley pictures that go in frames, but for the million iPhone photos I take on a daily basis I am leaving those to Blurb books. Happy Hump Day y'all!!

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