Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Introductions are Necessary

Welcome to the Logan family blog! We have just embarked on a new adventure in life. With a great career opportunity waiting we have uprooted our small little family and moved away from all we have ever known to what we are currently trying to figure out Connecticut(up in the air at this point). My hope is to document our adventure here (places to go (as a family of course, maybe we will get a date night), eat, recipes, etc.) while also sharing our greatest adventure in life: parenthood (which we have no experience and by no means are experts). So without further ado introductions only seem appropriate at this time. 

The Mr. and Mrs.

The Mrs.

           Name: Terri Todde (double name, like a  Mary Beth 
   what can I say my mom is a Southern bell)
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom 

The Mr.
Name: Wes 
         Occupation: Compliance Manager

It all began late in August at the University of Kentucky. College sweethearts now married with need I say a BEAUTIFUL family (could be a little partial). Who would have thought that a Kappa Sigma rush party eleven years ago would lead to 6 years of marriage and two perfect babies. We love Jesus, family, sweet tea, and traveling. Hence our newest adventure in life! 

The Dictator 

Name: Elin Colleen 
  Age: 2 going on 22

On December 28, 2013 we welcomed our sweet girl Elin (pronounced with a long E, not as Ellen, think Tiger Wood's ex wife and you are saying it right). While that smile is sweet, and so is her personality she also a pistol. She is smart and sassy, girlie girl and a tom boy all rolled into one She runs the show in the family hence her title. "Daddy sit here, Baylor do this, Mommy I can do it by myself." Lets just say she keeps us on our toes and there is never a dull moment (unless you count nap time and night time).

The Newest Addition

Name: Baylor Scott
Age: 8 Weeks Old 

On December 10, 2015 we were blessed to welcome our sweet boy Baylor into our little family. So far he is teaching us what life with a boy is truly all about (probably needs to be a whole post within its self). We are still in the process of figuring each other out, and learning all about his little personality. So far he is perfect fit, laid back for the dictator to boss around. 

If you are interested in keeping up with our journey continue to follow along there is more to come. We have lots to learn about Connecticut, the North East (which we hope to explore), parenthood, and whatever else comes our way. Stay tuned more to come very soon! 

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