Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Festival Another Word for County Fair

Sorry for the lack of post lately we have had visitors, and been on so many adventures that I have just let the blog slip.

Connecticut loves a festival. I get emails from this awesome site called Mommy Poppins, basically it gives you some ideas of events, attractions, and things to do with kids in the area. I have used it a couple of times now to get the kids out of the house, and its pretty legit, especially for someone who knows nothing about the area. 

Every time I log onto Mommy Poppins and search upcoming events there is always a festival. Connecticut is actually pretty rural,  I know I was just as surprised as some of you reading this post. Every little small town has their own festival at some point during the year on the town green. I am no stranger to loving a festival at home, usually that means crafts and art are involved, which if you know me you know I love a good craft and handmade items. The festivals up here are no different, they are home to crafts but are also really just a county fair with a craft section. The last weekend of April Meridan (a couple towns over from us) was hosting their annual Daffodil festival. They were suppose to have over 600,000 daffodil's, but Connecticut weather being as it is there was a frost and other than the fake daffodil on the stage there was not a single daffodil in that entire park (I was really looking forward to getting some good pictures of the kids). 

Apparently the Connecticut eternal winter hurt the flowers this year

Not only was there a small section of arts and crafts, but there was live music, and fair rides. We tried our hardest to get Elin to go on the Ferris Wheel, but that wasn't happening. The Mr. coworkers told us though that if we were going to a festival we had to get the "Fried Dough with red sauce." Fried Dough is just another term for "funnel cake" (we are going to have an entire blog post on terminology in the Northeast). Now I love funnel cake and all that delicious powdered sugar. I was very hesitant to not get the Fried Dough with powdered sugar. However, we are living in Connecticut and I figured I need to take full advantage of all that this state has to offer, and live like a local, eat the red sauce not the powdered sugar. HUGE mistake! It was absolutely terrible. The Mr. coworkers had told us we would never order the powdered sugar version again, but I hate to break it to them I would never order the red sauce (sort of like marinara) again. The Mr. and I both hated it, we tried to do the best we could to eat around the red sauce just so we could justify literally throwing away $6.00. 

Being the kind patron I am I just wanted to let readers out there know northeastern festivals are a must if you love a county fair (its a fun experience, as are any county fairs, great people watching). If you aren't a county fair person stir clear, it wasn't that great. Northeastern fried dough with red sauce save your money, don't do it! 

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