Monday, August 8, 2016

New Obsession

Stay at home mom life equals little time to put yourself together in the morning. Usually I have one kid screaming at me "I need more donuts" and another one crying "feed me woman." My wardrobe these days consist of track shorts and t-shirts, and they are usually covered in something disgusting (baby food, spit up, pee, paint, you name it). I rarely ever wear make up and well I feel down right sorry for the Mr. because my hair is always in a pony tail. Would I change any of it? Absolutely not! I love being a stay at home mom, even though I have to say it is the hardest job I have ever had. I am terrible with schedules, my kids eat donuts, and sometimes we stay in our pajamas until lunch. Definitely not winning mom of the year, but hey I figure at this point who really is? Judge all you want, but at the end of the day we are all alive and happy and that is really all that matters! 

With that being said and you now knowing that the Logan's are a hot mess. I want to tell you about my new go to product that does give me some sense of putting myself together in the morning. Like I mentioned before I don't wear make up often. I just don't have time to spend in the mirror putting it on. I do however go out in public and don't want to look totally scary. I have tried several different types of tinted moisturizer and haven't really liked any of them. T
hey either make my skin feel oily, don't match my skin tone, or make me feel like I am actually wearing a thick cakey make up. 

One of my best friends Ashley sells Beauty Counter. If you haven't heard about this amazing company you should check it out. Over 80% of their ingredients are organic, natural, or plant derived and are super safe for your skin! They do excessive amounts of research to ensure that the products they produce are safe, down to the containers the put them in. Who knew a lot of the most popular make up you buy is filled with ingredients that aren't safe for your skin?   Ashley sent me some samples of their different cleansing lines, which sparked me to try their tinted moisturizer.  

I love how this tinted moisturizer goes on. I use a brush similar to this one to apply the moisturizer. It goes on smooth, blends with my skin perfectly, is light, and gives me just the right amount of coverage that I need to make my skin look even. It also has SPF in it which is great for those days at the park. The product smells amazing! I purchased shade No. 2, and honestly I have worn it even when I needed a little more make up, its that good. I have just added some concealer under my eyes, bronzer, and blush and feel just as made up as I would if I used my usual go to foundation. Ashley sent me this video just to show you how awesome this product is. Plus it was featured on the Today show and was named by Allure as one of the top tinted moisturizer, it speaks for itself.  

I plan on ordering the concealer from Beauty Counter once I have used up all of the one I usually purchase (not that I don't like the one I use but I am willing to try all things Beauty Counter). The sample sets that Ashley sent me were from both their Essential line and the CounterTime Line. I really liked both lines, but honestly I will be ordering products from each line. I have already ordered the Nourishing Cream Cleanser. My main reasons for liking this product is that it left my skin feeling smooth, washes away the tinted moisturizer/make up, and smells great. I use the Clarisonic in my morning beauty routine and it works great with the Clarisonic. 

I plan on ordering the Rejuvenating Eye Cream, I could definitely notice a diminishing of my dark circles when I used the sample (yep, lack of sleep causes those) and I may also order the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, my face always felt tighter when I used it and now that I am 30 I probably need to start worrying about controlling the aging process. Unless I inherited this girls skin then I have nothing to worry about:

My grandmom who doesn't look day over 30! 

If you need any help at all figuring out the Beauty Counter line don't hesitate to contact my friend Ashley. She is an expert in all things Beauty Counter and really all things life! Hope you all order at least one of these amazing products, you will probably be hooked but don't say I didn't warn you.


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