Monday, June 13, 2016

Lighthouse, Bulldogs, Pizza, and Family

We had our first set of visitors that weren't our parents come to town and it was a much needed, wonderful visit. A time to laugh, catch up, and do a little Connecticut exploring with not just two small kids but three under the age of three (let's just say every time we went to do something someone was napping). The Mr.'s older brother, wife, and daughter were our first non parent guest. They were such troopers, willing to pile into our small apartment and crazy life with our two children. 

During their visit we were able to play outside, take pictures (lots and lots of pictures), go for a walk, and just enjoy being together. They were so gracious to let me take millions of pictures with their sweet girl. My kids are over me taking their picture. Plus it was nice to get some cousin shots for the grandparents. 

Seeing that we had three little kids and the Mr. was having to work we didn't do a whole lot of exploration. We had not been into New Haven, other than to go to iKEA, so we were decided it was a great opportunity to explore somewhere near by. 

I've told you all before that apparently Connecticut has the best pizza, we've searched high and low. Apparently the best pizza place is in New Haven and goes by the name of Frank Pepe's. We thought this would be the perfect place to take our guest, and then we could all decide if it was the best pizza we had ever ate. They are most famous for their white clam pizza, I'm sorry I just can't bring myself to spend money on something that doesn't sound at all appealing, maybe if someone else ordered it I would give it a try. Frank Pepe's is located in New Haven's own "Little Italy." They have several locations but the one in New Haven is the original, it has the original wood burning oven, which is essential to making their famous pizza. While I wouldn't say its the best pizza I have ever had (we have been to Italy, which I just don't think my standards will ever be the same) it was pretty good. We opted for the standard margarita pizza. We ordered a large which was enough to cover four adults and the dictator. The service was crappy, our waitress was rude (I am assuming she had just had a bad day) and the host was just hateful. In fact it was the first time that I truly ever felt like I got that New England stereotype of being rude (surprisingly most people are really friendly). 

After lunch we headed over to Yale's campus. I am firm believer it is never to early to begin talking about college. Yale has a bulldog as a mascot so of course Elin thought it was worth looking at. She is considering it as one of her college choices, but UK is still at the top of her list(Go Big Blue)!

The next leg of our journey took us to East Haven Lighthouse. This is a state park, and well Connecticut charges for state parks, its absurd I know. The Mr. and I didn't even think anything about it before heading down there or otherwise we may have considered not going. Luckily though we arrived the weekend before the state park opened, so it was free. If you are going there between Memorial Day and Labor Day it is $20.00 a car for state residents and $35.00 a car for out of state residents (I am telling you in CT they charge you for EVERYTHING). Some of Wes' co-workers said that this state park can be pretty crowded on the weekend. We were able to get some nice photos of our visitors, thanks again for letting me take your picture Logan family! Definitely one of the prettier spots we have been in Connecticut, they are few and far between so we will take spots like this when we can.

We are so grateful to have had some visitors (WE LOVE VISITORS). We can't thank you guys enough for coming to visit. Moving away from everything you ever have known definitely has its ups and downs. While we are taking this adventure in and soaking up all the great things that it has to offer us we definitely appreciate the moments we shared with our guest. 

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  1. It was such a wonderful trip!! Glad we got to see y'all :)